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Sea Turtle Revival Instrument

The Merry Turtle is an Acupoint stimulator powered by solar or incandescent light and designed to help Sea Turtles with acute emergencies and other illnesses. It is used in place of a needle at the turtle emergency point (GV26) just below the nostrils at the Linea Alba. Inserting a needle at this point has been proven to help turtles revive from head injuries, coma, stranding, and slow recovery of conciousness from anesthesia. The benefits of the Merry Turtle are that it requires no training in Acupuncture to use, there are no needles to keep up with or dispose of, it requires no batteries, and it is waterproof.

The small, dime-size alpha version of the Merry Turtle revived a stranded turtle at Xcaret, Mexico in 30 minutes. The current Beta version is 12 times stronger, with results in as quickly as 30 seconds.

The solar cell is directed toward the sun or placed within 12 inches of a standard light bulb. The electrodes are taped horizontally at the Linea Alba. Treatment time depends on desired response, ranging from 30 seconds up to an hour.

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The Merry Turtle is an Unapproved Electrotherapy Instrument. "For Experimental Use Only."

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