Energetic Health
and Wellness Center

Solar DoctorTM

"Let the Light Heal You"

In experimental trails, the Solar Doctor relieved 3-month-old
back pain (from an auto accident) in 2 minutes. The solar
collector is in the patient's hand, and I am touching the small
treatment electrode to the patient's ear.

A patient using the Solar Doctor to relieve
neck pain post-surgery.
The Solar Cell is directed toward the sun or placed within 12 inches of a standard (incandescent) light bulb. Touch the tip to the desired ear point. Next touch the tip directly behind the point (on the back of the ear) to relax muscles. Patients report relief of pain in as little as 30 seconds! Stimulate Sex 1 and 2, Peace and Love, Happy, and Concentration points to increase those feelings.

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