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June 1, 2007
I've been a patient of Dr. Canion since he opened his office in Port A. He has treated me for several ailments including headaches, PMS, chronic shoulder pain that was previously diagnosed as "arthritis" and depression. He has helped me tremendously, drug-free! I have received chiropractic adjustments, auriculotherapy, acupuncture and during treatments, prayer. I'm so grateful that here in Port A, we have a doctor like Dr. Canion. His love for people and genuine desire to help those in need is both rare and beautiful. Yeah, Dr. Canion!
~A very grateful patient!!

Failed Back Surgery

September 16, 2005

My diagnosis for the past 30 years: Scoliosis, corrective surgeries, fibromyalgia, chronic severe back pain, and chronic fatigue. My life gradually has been reduced to being in bed or lying down 20 hours a day and multiple surgeries with multiple pain medications. My last option was to have a morphine pump implanted in my body. Thank God above that a dear friend had great results with Dr. Canion so I agreed to try it. After 2 visits my pain is so greatly reduced and/or completely gone that I do not even have to consider the morphine pump anymore. I can hardly believe the amazing results. I do not understand how it works but I am feeling like a miracle has been preformed!! Thank you Jesus and Thank you Dr. Canion.

November 11, 2005

Still amazing results! Able to cancel my epidural back injections for the first time in 5 years! Dr. Canion is passionate about helping his patients. Thank God.

August 6, 2006

As a registered nurse, I was very skeptical of the whole "chiropractic thing" but having tried everything else for this severe back and bilateral leg pain I thought "what could it hurt." Then you encouraged me to try the auriculotherapy and acupuncture and that was the one therapy I was dead set against. To make a long story short I tried it after listening to the anatomy and physiology and recognized that this is what the East uses for medicine. I was hooked. I have NO pain in my back or legs and it is such a relief finally. God bless you.


After feeling so perfectly good for the last few months (from Thursday Oct 12th - Monday Oct 16th) I began to experience these symptoms as I did before the "weather-vane" treatment you offered me (the usual stinging and burning in all of my joints). My right hand was swollen and on fire for 2 days, my fingernails ache, back pain, uncomfortable in my neck area (couldn't get comfortable when I would try to prop up and watch T.V.), My back and shoulders were extremely sensitive to touch. Even the bed sheet bothered my knees and heels. The extreme uncontrolable fatigue and tiredness was what kept me on the couch most of the time. I noticed on Monday that the barometric pressure was 29.45 which is the lowest I've ever noticed it to be. I would suppose this had a lot to do with the way I was feeling. I feel great now like it never happened. Of course the weather seems to have straightened up (even the barometric pressure). Thought you could share this documentation with others that might suffer when the weather changes.

Leg Pain

Being a Winter Texan I love to walk the beach but, because of leg pains that have bothered me for the past 5 to 6 years, I have been unable to do this. After just one treatment with Dr. Canion, I am back to walking again with no pain in my legs. These pains have kept me awake at night and I have been pain free all night long!

Low Back Pain

Dr. Canion helped me a year and a half ago with two treatments (Acupuncture) on my lower back and neck. I seemed to be completely healed after just two. Especially since I had gone to chiropractors in Dallas 2-3 times a week with really no healing results. Now two have had healing with Dr. Canion's treatments. Not just temporary relief from pain either!

Peripheral Neuropathy

March 22, 2004
Diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy over a year ago, I take medication (300 mg 2X/day). Temporary relief. My neurologist tries me on new drugs every three months. I was recommended by my sister-in-law to go and try to let Dr. Canion help me. He worked on me for about 30 minutes and now I can walk barefooted for the first time in about two years. I feel wonderful and encourage everyone with any pain problems to give this a try. You won't know if you don't give it a chance. Thank you Dr. Canion.

Shoulder Pain

January 7, 2008
I feel so lucky to have found such a gifted chiropractor right here in Port Aransas like Dr. Canion. Not only does Dr. C help me with my back and neck problems, he has done wonders for other ailments too. With the ear magnets he cured a shoulder problem I had for 2 years. Tuned up my thyroid and with the traditional acupuncture helped with back spasms.

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